Monday, November 20, 2006

Reasons I have not yet failed out of law school.

By H. Law Student.

  1. There have been no exams yet.
  2. My law school does not have grades.
  3. My boyfriend does not own an x-box 360, and the video game Dead Rising, and was not irresponsible enough to give me a key to his apartment, knowing that I have a car, he works nights, and I make bad decisions.


Roger Williams said...

Ha ha! I can trust you not to break into my apartment to play video games, right?

pineapple said...


dead rising is freaking awesome! yay!!!!! also, stubbs the zombie is funny, but mainly because of the squishy-squishy-squorsh noises he makes.

Roger Williams said...

Thanks to the wonders of Xbox Live, I was also able to download the delightful teaser trailer to "Dead Rising". In the notes, there's a disclaimer denying any link to George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead". I mean really, who would ever get the idea that the two are linked just because they're about a mall infested with zombies?

Roger Williams said...

"Lemme tell you somethin' about zombies, mister- they're stupid, and they're slow!"

- Dead Rising

Paul said...

Same can be said about the following:

* turkeys
* Tracy Chapman's songs
* Puerto Ricans

Michael Richards

pineapple said...

xbox live is truly a wonderful thing. it brought dig dug back into my life...

(by inflating them)