Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hair Gel = Democracy.

In 1989, in Tienamen Square, a lone protester allowed himself to be mowed down by tanks in protest of the political repression that characterized the regime in the People's Republic of China.

Didn't he know that freedom from totalitarianism is much more easily arrived at by achieving a sassy hairstyle?

This commercial is so fucked up that people didn't believe me when I described it to them. It's people...escaping...communist gel.

Sure, the young people wear no communist logo as such, but the implication is clear. Asian teenagers wearing tan shirts and red bandannas = red guard as surely as universally blonde blue-eyed children burning books = hitler youth. No one is going to use escaping from Nazi indoctrination as a metaphor for the freedom from unwanted vaginal odor that comes from using new lightdays scented pantiliners.

No one...yet.


nic said...

I escaped communism with hair gel and a jibbly wit. Oh and a raft.

pineapple said...

...but now i wonder...

what can you do with mousse?