Sunday, November 19, 2006

No, really, law school ate my brain.

I was watching the Celtics play the Trailblazers on Friday. I was lying on my boyfriend's couch, belly full of onion rings, and suddenly, this thought came into my head (after a foul was called on Kendrick Perkins)

"I wish that there were some advisory committe notes to the rules in basketball, like there were to the federal rules of civil procedure, so that I could see what the intent of the drafter of that rule was...It couldn't possibly be meant to apply to this situation, surely"

Which is not actually the proper reaction to a bitchy little ticky-tack foul being called on such a soulful, attractive, well-meaning, skillfull player as Kendrick Perkins.


Paul said...

What sociological reason exists for me having the split-second thought that your musing is a symptom of impending lesbianism?

Bearing in mind my knowledge of your straight-love for basketballers?

--Boggled in Brooklyn

HoboHermit said...

Impending lesbianism...why, Paul...I ... well...

It was a rainy night in Cambridge. Hipsters carried umbrellas with embarassing earnestness, giving no thought to whether the ironic logo was facing in, towards starbucks, or out towards the vespas on the street.

The scent of adopted asian babies and failed democratic candidates for governor were heavy on the air. And I, I was on the prowl.

I wore suede boots, suavely covered in plastic bags...She wore hemp, covering every...