Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Without my security blanket...

It's odd how being a law student changes your relationship with free time, with normal boundaries, with ... everything.

Example: Yesterday I got sick. Real sick. Bathroom sick. (Some kind of multi-stage devil flu- first it was a chest cold, then a stomach virus, and now it's rattling my bones and pulling at my muscles. Grossness.) My apartment was ten trafficky miles away. So I went to my parents' house. I can't convey how nice it is, as an adult, to have an excuse to have someone take care of you, instead of taking care of myself. However, I was whipped into a frenzy when I realized that I was pretty much stuck there, overnight, without my laptop, my books...anything.

A human being would have focused on not having a toothbrush, or clothes, or the fact that they were horking up their insides- but a law student thinks "Shit! No laptop! How the fuck am I going to study?"

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albert said...

as an only child, living away due to college, visiting the parental units once a month to converse on gas, i abuse the shower of affection given when i am "finally" home. as though my absence is an omission of love from everyone else's end. i would even dare to indulge as far even feinting not being able to pick up the remote control for the telly--which happens to be situated within arms reach.

the four seasons pales in comparison in the "pampering dept." compared to home.

i kid.