Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I wanna be an ambulance chaser.

I do.

I love my torts class. I love my civil procedure class, and I love taking 30% of things.

I don't care what the common perception is of personal injury law. I don't care. People get hurt by other people. Then, they get to have some of the money of the person who hurt them. Also, their lawyer gets some money. I will be a lawyer, and I would like to have some money.

This is simplistic. Far too simplistic. But it's no more simplistic than the argument against tort lawyers. When an injury happens, either the person to whom the injury happens ends up bearing the burden, or someone else does. It would be equally unfair for the injured person to always bear the burden, or for someone else to always bear the burden.

So we have a system that serves to determine who should pay. And it's a good system. And someday, I'm going to have a very large television.

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raelynne said...

the boy & i went to best buy after a target run last weekend.

and realized that very very large tvs are miraculously awesome. far too splendiferric to behold for prolonged periods of time.

it was like taking a fantastic drug, and being so high...then coming crashing down to utter depression realizing:

we are so poor.