Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am nearly paralyzed by debt.

I think about my student loan debt in class.

I think about my student loan debt in the shower.

I think about my student loan debt in the grocery store.

I think about my student loan debt every time I use my new (entirely necessary) laptop, or touch my expensive textbooks, or watch my free-with-unbelieveably expensive student housing cable.

I'm haunted by it.

I can't believe I actually made the decision to pay for law school when I could have gone for free. It is the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life. Northeastern isn't so great. It's ok. But it's not crushing-debt great. I could be going to any number of law schools that were perfectly eager to throw money at me. But fat girl had to go for the one who played hard to get.

If you see me, slap me. Then feed me. Jesus Christ, I'm an idiot.


Roger Williams said...

Just keep reminding yourself of Northeastern's value to your future earnings as a shyster (er, attorney). Whatever you do, don't get disbarred!

Roger Williams would have been nice, but your degree would be worth slightly less than one from a competing clown or barber college in West Virgina.

Rob said...

hahahaha! See what happens when you don't listen to Rob.