Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot Donut.

Many, many weeks ago, in conversation with a friend from far away, I learned that in other parts of the country, people prefer to eat donuts hot off the line. I was confused. Hot Donut? I thought. Eh. Hot, cold, it's just a donut.

But I got that friend some hot donuts, from Krispy Kreme, one day. I tried it. It was alright. Better than any cold glazed donut.

But then. I went to Delaware. And I saw a sign that said "Always Hot Donuts!" and I thought...hmm. Let's give Nichole another try.

So the next day, my boyfriend and I tried these hot donuts. And these donuts were made after they were ordered . Between being ordered and served, they were made. Cake donuts. Glazed and sprinkled. Oh. My. God.

Forget about sex.

Sex is fucking old news, unreliable, and messy. If I want to end up slightly sticky, somewhat guilty, and on the edge of insatiability and satisfaction, I'll have a hot donut.

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